School Fundraisers

Requirements for schools

Nothing is required from the school. Earth 1st Recycle Centers, Inc. provides all items needed to complete the fundraiser.

Earth 1st provides all items needed to complete our sponsored school fundraisers. We provide all advertising, transportation and personnel to complete the fundraiser. The fundraiser is always held on the weekend so that there is no conflict with school activities. Take home fliers are provided to all the students and home mailers are sent out to the folks in the surrounding area. Each participating ISD school gets their proceeds from their fundraiser sent directly to the school for unrestricted use. Each schools recycling product is always stored and kept separate from all other recycling. 

Items provided:

  • Container to store and transport the recycling.
  • Signs and banners to promote the fundraiser.
  • Advertising - Mailers and fliers to promote the fundraiser.
  • Personnel to collect the recyclables & open/close the site.
  • Signage and miscellaneous on container for direction.
  • Certified scale tickets to calculate LBs collected.

Our school fundraiser opportunities help accomplish school projects at our local ISD schools. Our school fundraisers can raise funds ranging from $200.00 to over $1000.00 dollars in one weekend for each school. Each fundraiser may be duplicated several times a year. These funds are generated from recyclables folks like you provide from the surrounding neighborhoods and are unrestricted for any use the school may deem necessary.

80% of the proceeds collected at the fundraiser will benefit the participating school. The other 20% is needed to cover transportation and overhead costs.

Items to increase the success of the fundraiser:

  • Dates on school marquee
  • Dates in school newspaper (if applicable)
  • Dates on school ISD web page
  • Promotion on school bulletin boards, etc.

See Acceptable Items  for a partial list of recyclable items. 

Please contact us if your school would like to participate in an Earth 1st sponsored fundraiser.