Earth 1st Recycle Centers, Inc. a for profit recycling company committed to making our planet a better place to live!

There are many recycling companies and charities recycling textiles and our landfills continue to grow at an alarming rate! With more environmentally conscious companies and individuals recycling, we will slow the environmental damage and will start to reduce the hazardous impact we have on our planet.

We need to capture more of the textiles that go into our landfills and recycle them. Our recycling companies and charities cannot obtain all of the abundant and excessive textiles and household items that make their way into our landfills without your assistance. Take a drive by your local landfill for an example. Our landfill for the city of Mansfield ,TX (located in Arlington, TX) is around 5 stories high and growing! 

Some folks may believe there is only so much clothing and household items/textiles to recycle. If this was true, we would only need one recycling company/charity to recycle the reusable product because there would be nothing left for anyone else to recycle. The fact is, there is an abundant supply of recyclable household product/textiles needing to be recycled. The negative impact refuse and harmful gases have on our planet and atmosphere will be vastly reduced as more folks become involved in recycling. Thank you for you assistance. 

Earth 1st Recycle Centers, Inc. promotes recycling for all individuals. Please recycle whenever possible and with whomever you feel most comfortable.

Earth 1st Recycle Centers, Inc. operates “Recycling Centers” across the Dallas/Ft Worth Metro-Plex area and accepts clothing, shoes, housewares, electronics, cell phones, sportswear, furniture and other re-usable items. Please see "Acceptable Items" tab for more details.  Please see "Drop off locations"  or contact us for our locations around the Dallas/Ft Worth Metro-Plex area to drop off your usable recyclables. We also provide free home curbside pick-up for items large or small.

Thank You for your recycling efforts,

You DO make a difference!

Lets all go green. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!                           

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