Help us grow our Recycling "Drop Off" Centers.

Earth 1st Recycle Centers is always looking for exceptional businesses that want to participate in improving our environment while supporting our local Children's Hospitals and the North Texas Food Bank at no cost or obligation.

What we provide:

  • Theft resistant recycling "Drop off" Centers.
  • Superior collection services.
  • One hour call back to sponsor issues.
  • Insurance on all recycling centers.
  • All appropriate city permits (If required)
  • Keep the area 15' around recycling center clean.
  • Recycling Center removal within 48 hrs after notification.

Recycling Centers

Our recycling centers are constructed of solid metal and are equipped with an anti-theft chute device that helps stop unlawful entry into the recycling center. They are recycle green and are approximately 5' X 5' X 6' tall with a drop down chute. Many folks are drawn to the ease and convienence these recycling drop off centers provide and usually patronize the businesses adjoining them.

Collection Services

Earth 1st provides the best possible service for all our locations. We take pride in accomplishing the finest service possible for our recycling center locations. Every recycling box is serviced often enough to maintain a lasting relationship with our location sponsors.

Our goals are to have long term relationships with all sponsors and continue to expand our number of locations. We intend to provide the very best service possible to achieve our goals. Thank you for your trust in our abilities.

Earth 1st believes that being better stewards of our resources will improve the quality of life for our children and everyone on our one and only planet earth. Together we can make a better place now and for future generations. Call today to become a sponsor of an Earth 1st location!


Earth 1st Recycle Centers, Inc carries general liability Insurance for all our recycling sites. Earth 1st Recycle Centers, Inc takes the responsibility very seriously that all our locations are save and secure. We currently carry a 2 Million dollar general aggregate policy. Our sponsors and recyclers can feel secure that we have taken the necessary steps to provide adequate insurance coverage. 

City Permits

Earth 1st has researched and obtained the all necessary permits or permissions needed before the recycling center box is placed. Most cities do not require any special items.

What is needed from the sponsor

To provide a highly conspicuous (visable) space to put the recycling center which is far away from any prime parking. Usually one parking space is adequate or we can place the recycling center on a open grass/dirt area.

Please contact us for more information on how you can assist at no cost or obligation!