Recycling Assists in:

Earth 1st Recycle Centers, Inc. desires to help children and supports our local Children's Hospitals in Dallas & Fort Worth Tx through donations to Children’s Miracle Network. Our goal is to support our local Children's Hospitals with proceeds from the total collections from all our recycling center locations throughout the Dallas/Ft Worth metro-plex area. For more information Contact us

As with most textile/clothing recyclers and major charities recycling clothing, the items collected can be resold at a thrift store which can provide more support to a need than most other ways. Earth 1st donates proceeds from the sale of items at thrift stores to provide the best impact on the needs of our charities. Your recycyled items provide support for our sponsored charities and reduce the harmfull effects to our environment by recycling your items rather than sending them to the landfill.

All the recycled product collected at our Recycling drop off centers generate proceeds that are donated to Children's Miracle Network which are distributed locally to help our Children's hospitals located in Dallas and Tarrant county. Visit your local Children's hospital web site for more info. Go to for info on Children's Medical Center in Dallas TX or for info on Cook Children's in Ft. Worth TX.

Our school fundraiser opportunities help accomplish school projects at our local ISD schools. Our school fundraisers can raise funds ranging from $200.00 to over $1000.00 dollars in one weekend for each school. Each fundraiser may be duplicated several times a year. These funds are generated from recycling folks like you provide from the surrounding neighborhoods and are unrestricted for any use the school may deem necessary. If your school would like to participate please Contact Us for more information.

Earth 1st Recycle Centers, Inc. uses all of our existing recycling centers throughout the Dallas/ Ft Worth area as convenient drop off points for canned food donations to the local North Texas Food Bank. All of our donated food gets delivered directly to the North Texas Food Bank in Dallas, Texas.

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Recycling is a great way to show your support on environmental issues. There are several benefits for all of us in lowering the amount of refuse taken to the landfill. We will not list all possible benefits but will touch on a few key notes. 1.) A reduction in operating costs from slowing the need to expand the workforce and equipment to manage the process. All of us will save on tax dollars that would have otherwise been spent on growth. 2.) Reduction in methane gas output to help slow the envronmental damage to our planet. Methane gas is harmful to our ozone and contributes to climate change.

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